“Children should be FREE! 2”-Sue & Co.

by Sue & Co.

The children wait…what can they do
The people killing…they still feel pursued.
If they can hide…if just in their head
Maybe be safe…while they’re in bed.

What of the masks they hide behind???
Will they be destroyed…a little each time???
The only protection they have known
Started within when the truth was sown.

Do they dare write…some wish they could
“The devil is in you…you are no good!”
The tears that they swallow to “wash down the pain”
Or so they think…but it is in vain.
The children know better…no chemical will do
No chemical will kill the truth they endured!

They know not of joy…it’s not in their realm.
They barely see present…the past is their helm.
They have no future…no light shines on them.
Expect maybe peace…that comes with the end.

Ah, here is Ms. Hopeless…don’t lead them astray.
They need the prospect…of a better day.
One filled with safety and love galore…
Of a gentle touch and so much more.

Of a place where feelings can be shared
Safe from beatings…their bodies spared.
No more terror…no more lies
No more fear…that they will die.

Tears of sadness…tears of joy.
No more tricks…to be employed.
They deserve love…”But what of the truth?!”
No one will deny…the truth of their roots.

Why can’t they heal before they die?
Maybe what was told was just a big lie?
Maybe, you too, can find a new way,
To cope with the stress of living each day.

It’s been a long time though for some it seems not.
We need not follow the old family plot.
Don’t take the life…it’s meaning unexplored.
For maybe tomorrow we’ll find a new door.

We’ve come a long way and we can go more
Even if today you know not “what for”
Please talk to Anne…don’t hide inside.
She doesn’t have answers…she’d only a guide.

And though you feel hopeless…somehow we’ve survived.
And in that there’s meaning…why we’re still alive.
So just for today…we will make a pact
To stay alive…to all go back.

To unravel the pieces…sewn so long ago.
And weave a new life…in which WE CAN GROW!

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