I Remember You – Chris

I remember you, I was eight you were ten;
we danced together around the moon, but I
never saw you again.

I remember you, I was nine you were four;
when we held hands and danced we felt
safe and secure.

I remember you, I was ten you were seven;
when we danced around the moon, we felt
God’s hand touching us from heaven.

I remember you, I was eleven you were three;
when we all danced together we were children
our hearts were free.

We would only meet at night, well we thought so
in our minds; we would dance and play around
the moon, it seemed like 50 times.

We all would hold each other tight as we danced
the night and played; never letting go for a moment
while our childhood slipped away.

There were no tears on the moon, we were happy
and alive; when we would wake from our journey
we just tried to stay alive.

I remember you, you were beaten and bruised;
you were used like a rag doll and sexually abused.

I am so thankful I met you all, when I was young and
so weak; I have struggled many times to stand on
my own two feet.

Sometimes as an adult, I want to go back to that
place so far away; on the moon where we danced
and we hugged and we played.

Some of us made it and some of us died, some just
couldn’t hold on and some of us barely survived.

So at night now I look as an adult, at the moon up above;
and pray that it’s empty, no dances, just love.


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