Moving Forward Group

Gosh, where do I begin?! I guess I can start with where I was in the very beginning of this group back in July 2002. When I decided to start this healing group, I was still incarcerated at the Lincoln County Jail. My decision for wanting to start this group was also based on my staying clean, which I definitely feel the two go hand-in-hand. My drug use through so many years has made it very difficult for me to trust or to be trusted. Through my recovery process, I have learned to open up and deal with many new feelings. One of which is trusting. All of you in this group have made me realize that we are not alone. All of us have survived a lot in our lives and for that we are incredibly strong-willed women. All of you have gained my trust and respect. For this, I am truly thankful to each and every one of you. You have made me feel that I am worth so much to so many people.

These past 5 months have been a journey that I have just begun to travel. Each one of you have given me special gifts of yourselves, and opened up some very painful memories. I want to thank you Leona, ____, and ____ for trusting me with some of these very deep words. The truly amazing thing about all of this is that I am learning ways to have these feelings, and at the same time keep myself and my inner-child safe. And that we ALL are awesome women today because we HAVE been through the worst, yet we have managed to come out on top. Yeah, WOMEN definitely ROCK!!

Now last but certainly not least, a very special thank you to you two beautiful women, Sue and Kayce. Without the two of you, this would not have been possible. You are powerful examples for women who have been abused, in that this can be stopped and we can recover. I also have learned from you both, that connecting with other women is something very nurturing, and this is something that I do on a regular basis now. Thank you so much for always taking my calls, even when I was incarcerated and most of the time we played phone-tag!! Keep up the wonderful work that you both do. It certainly has helped me to be a better person.

I will close by saying that my _____ nights just won’t be the same without you all in them. I will continue to stay connected with each and every one of you with your permission.

With healing energy & good days ahead,

Karen York

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