My Story: by a 30-year old female

No one ever thinks they’ll get sexually assaulted. I was no different. I did all the right things to protect myself. I locked my door every night¬†; didn’t wander through the city by myself at night; ¬†parked under a street light at the mall.

But what I didn’t consider was that a person I knew and trusted, a person I let into my home willingly, would hurt me and humiliate me like I never imagined. One of the people whom I trusted most in my life sexually assaulted me. I was terrified at the time and I’m still terrified, though I am making progress.

My first introduction to the Sexual Assault Support Services was at the emergency room the night on my assault. One of the volunteers came to support me, answered any questions, and let me know about the services they provided. At that time I was thankful for the help but didn’t think I would need them. I’m a very strong person and I thought I could get through this on my own.

But I couldn’t sleep at night. I’d keep all the windows closed even in the heat of summer. I’d check the locks 10 times during the night. Yet I was still sure he’d come back and manage to get me. I’d become hysterical while driving if I thought I saw his truck. I soon realized that this was ruining my life and I was unable to get through such a traumatic experience on my own.

Sexual Assault Support Services helped me with that part. I meet weekly with someone to talk about how I’m doing and my problems I’ve encountered over the week. I’ve called the 24-hour hotline and just knowing it’s there is a help to me. Someone has gone to court with me for support. I know I wouldn’t have been able to get through that without them. I have been given outside sources in the community and they took time to find people who they though I would be comfortable with. They will continue to help me as long as I need them.

I really do believe that without the help of Sexual Assault Support Services, I would still be locking myself up in my house and feeling afraid.

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